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Procuring Drugs

A sudden and unexpected interruption of product supply due to shortage or any other reason can have potentially serious consequences for patient care. If you ever find yourself faced with this situation, Propharma can help you find immediate solutions. Read More »

Supply Chain Expertise

Propharma impressive drug database, global network of drug wholesalers and pharmaceutical manufacturers is leveraged to offer you (the customer) delivery of customized medicines from across the globe.
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Pharma & Biotics

Propharma works in partnership with the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry to deliver. pre-launch named-patient management programmes. discontinuation and temporary supply management.
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Regulatory Management

Propharma provides scientific product information. The scientifi c product information is a source of reliable informafor physicians, pharmacists, nurses and other heatlh care providers to help guide the management and treatment of patients. Read More »


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